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Wk12- Art Activity – Ethnography

For this week’s activity , I decided to spend it in my room Thursday night after my class. It was a perfect day to shut myself out of electricity since it was the end of my week. My plan at first was to sit down and read my murder mystery by candlelight but that quickly ended in me knocking out cold and not waking up until 3am. I would say this activity is pretty easy if you have nothing to do and if you’re really tired. I could see how it could be very inconvienant and frustrating if you had to study for an exam or finish up some homework. I feel like stepping away from electricity, specifically your phone, is really good for you. I’ve had days where I turn my phone off because I just want to be able to be with my thoughts and get my life together. I slept better since there was very few things I could do. I feel like our generation would think this is a boring project since our lives revolve around electricity but I think this is a good example of how it’s okay to put everything away and just focus on the little things. 

Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Mans Land

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Media: Drawing & Painting


Alice Andreini is currently working towards earning her MFA in Drawing & Painting here at CSULB. Her goal is to become an art teacher and inspire other students to pursue their artistic dreams. Andreini was not always studying art. Before turning to painting she was studying medicine. She enjoys painting, visiting art galleries and reading poetry in her free time.

Throughout her gallery, Andreini covered the walls with huge canvas paintings. She used  oil, cold wax and impasto gel to create the different textures on her paintings. Most of her paintings are filled with all sorts of colors except for one wall which she used different shades of grey to portray a “New World”. Andreini uses different brush strokes to create a 3-dimensional approach to her art.

Andreini named her exhibit “No-Mans Land” to represent how something so beautiful like nature can become corrupt. When you look at a park , you are admiring the external beauty it gives off, however do you ever think about all the profit it makes during busy weekends when they change for parking? Do we ever think about what had to be removed to place this park here? In reality, it really is no-mans land.

When I walked through her gallery, I didn’t really understand until I talked to her. I realized that there was way more to her paintings that vibrant colors and different brush strokes. I think its amazing on how she managed to interpret all of this different meanings into her paintings.

Wk11- Artist Conversation- Yujia Gu

Artist: Yujia Gu

Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the USA

Media: Mixed Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery


Instagram: yujia_gu

Yujia Gu has already earned her BFA in Graphic Design in China before she came to America. Right now she is currently working on earning her MFA in the School of Art’s graphic design program. 

Gu’s exhibit had a very different take from the rest of the exhibits that day. When you entere , the first thing you saw on the wall was images and names of children that had died from guns after Newtown. On another wall , there was a huge projection screen that showed a video with facts and images of shootings that have occurred. The whole exhibition was very straight to the point and informational. Gu explained that her mother had always warned about the dangers that guns bring which led to her inspiration for this exhibit. 

When I first walked into this exhibit I felt like I was walking into a news room. “THIS JUST IN ; SHOOTINGS IN AMERICA RISE”. It didn’t feel like I was in an art exhibit. Personally I really liked it because it was an exhibit that informed me on what was going on in the world today. Not a lot of people know specific facts about shootings and gun violence so I felt like this exhibit really helped open people’s eyes. 

Wk11- Classmate Conversation – Gabriela Urbina & Lauren Trinh

This week I met the two lovely ladies , Gabriela (middle) & Lauren (right). Gabriela is a liberal studies major who commutes from Downey. She would love to teach 3rd graders because she believes it’s the best grade. She took an ROP course in high school that helped her find her career path. Some of Gabriela’s hobbies include hanging with friends , cooking and traveling. She considers herself a very spontaneous person. Lauren is also a commuter however she is from Westminster. She is a second year student studying information systems. She has always been into business concepts and computers. Like many of us in this generation , she grew up with technology in her everyday life. Her hobbies enjoy singing, reading and listening to music. I had a great time talking to both of them and getting to know them. 

Gabriel’s blog

Lauren’s blog

Wk 10- Artist Conversation – Britney Waters

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 1.18.01 PM

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox

Media: Ceramics, Video Installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @artbywaters

Britney Waters is a currently a fourth year studying towards getting her BFA in Sculpture here at CSULB. She is from Sacramento and was inspired by California and its beaches. After graduation she would like to go for her masters.

Waters took a lot of time and effort into creating this installation. She explained to us that each of her clay turtles took about 2-3 hours to make because of how intricate they are. The gallery was surrounded by pictures on the wall detailing her process. She also set the scene in her installation by pouring sand all over the floor in one section and places the turtles in a specific place. Waters transformed that gallery into a beautiful tropical paradise equipped with its own beach chair. She stated that she hopes this gallery helps people realize that the ocean is more than a sandbox, its somebody’s home.

I really liked this installation even though I’m not a huge fan of the beach and it’s sand. It made me realize that we need to appreciate nature more.


Wk 10- Art Activity – Architecture [The Wedge]

To me, the Wedge at CSULB is kind of like a right of passage, sort of like jumping in the fountain when you graduate. Yes it does get annoying from time to time, especially when you’re running late to class but I think it defines human nature in a funny way. It shows how some people would rather take a shortcut instead of taking the long safe route. Lets be real here, sometimes the USU wedge takes longer to get through because of the traffic instead of going around through the huge space.If I could change anything about it is that I would make a second entry way so that there could be a way for ongoing traffic. I would also place a plaque on the side of the marble saying “One day you’ll pass through this and be one degree hotter”. I personally think students would think this is an improvement and appreciate how theres two wedges instead of one.

Wk9 – Art Activity- Graffiti

This week’s activity is definitely number one on my top art activities so far. Ive always loved spray painting. I even own an airbrush gun because I love playing with different textures and colors. One thing I’m not really good at is bubble letters. I would say that the writing was the toughest part to do. I chose to use pastel colors since Spring just started.

If I would re-do this activity , I would change the location/canvas of my name. I would really like to go to Venice and contribute to the art there. My favorite thing about spray painting is that you can change the fineness of your work based on the distance from the surface. Although it can get pretty smelly , I loved this activity! I wish I was as talented as some artists out there that cover LA with their art. Maybe one day.

Wk9- Artist Conversation-Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Recuerdos

Media: Mixed Media, Sculpture

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West


Instagram: @sin.llorar

Dulce Soledad Ibarra is currently a senior at CSULB studying to get her BFA in sculpture. She switched her major from drawing to sculpture and became inspired by her culture an dhow every object has a reason for existing. She is a first generation student and citizen since her family immigrated to the United States from Leon, Guanajuato. She is on the way to graduating this May and being an inspiration for the rest of her family.

Ibarra’s walk through-sculpture “Recuerdos” is made up of dolls, clothes and little knick-knacks but the most important factor is the memories that she has been inspired by. Ibarra’s family had inherited her aunt’s belongings after she passed away four years ago. Her aunt kept things like dolls, cassettes and even little party favors from Quinceaneras and baby showers. These objects were then intermixed and placed on pastel yellow bookshelves to create an open exhibit.

The exhibit itself sat in the middle of the gallery showing us a 360 degree view of memories. Although Ibarra’s aunt was labeled a hoarder, this was her coping mechanism and allowed her to feel at home. Sometimes you cant bear throwing things away because maybe you never had a lot of stuff in the beginning? Her aunt was an undocumented immigrant who had struggled her whole life. Gathering this objects might have made her feel more like she is home. Maybe her way of holding on to her childhood was by keeping her dolls close to her. I still have stuffed animals from when I was a baby because it reminds me of simpler times. The pastel yellow bookshelves prove to us that her aunt was a very upbeat person that was not just a hoarder, but a sentimental strong person who dealt with the future while having her past on her side.

I really enjoyed this display , maybe because I’m a hoarder too ? Who knows. I personally have a lot of objects in my room that most people would say “Why do you still have that/” but to me they’re not just random objects, they’re memories. I understand where Ibarra’s aunt is coming from. Sometimes you keep clothes that don’t even fit you anymore but you remember meeting someone especial while you were wearing it. Its a funny idea to think that someone can have such a different perspective on something you are very fond of.



Wk8 – Art Activity – Finger Painting

This activity was a huge stress reliever for me. I recently got into a minor car accident and I have been stressed till no end. Unfortunately I’ve had no transportation for the past week therefore I had to use a smaller sheet a paper but it still did the job. At first I was wonder what colors I should use and then I decided why not use the colors of my mood. I haven’t been the most happy person lately and so I figured let use blue and black and see how that turns out. I kind of felt like a little kid again, not worrying about my problems but just blasting Weezer in my headphones and playing with paint. I’m no Picasso but I defiantly felt inspired by my emotions. This activity helped me let out a lot of frustrations that I’ve had throughout my week and Im glad I go to experience this activity this week .

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