At first I had NO IDEA, was this activity was about. I thought it was supposed to be like an actual care package with food and necessities. After I read little bit more about it, I realized it was kind of like gathering up your memories based off little things that normally have no value.Luckily for me Im a hoarder that issues out sentimental value to anything and everything.

Once I knew what this project was actually about , I had to make a huge decision; Who will be the lucky winner of my memories with them? I decided to go in order on who I loved the most. Disclaimer: I have three little brothers that I all love EQUALLY and would do anything for them. With that being said I chose my oldest little brother, Kevin. Kevin and i are 7 years apart which would normally constitute that we art that close, WRONG. This kid is my best friend of all time. He’s always been there for me and hears my stories without judgement. Although I’m the oldest one, I feel like sometimes we are relate better than kids our age. Being that he’s my right hand and my go to , we’ve done a lot of cool things together. The first thing I decided to include was movie tickets from some of our favorite movies that we’ve seen win theaters. I still remember when we went to watch Despicable Me and he kept saying I looked like the old guy with the glasses. Siblings right? The next thing I included was a couple of pictures of our adventures. From going to my shows in elementary to me coaching his soccer team we’ve always been together. The last picture was his last season in little league. When I was growing up I never did any sports so I made sure he got that opportunity to try something new. Now he’s a starter for his high school baseball team. Yes, I am a proud momma bear. I decided to put his middle school promotion pamphlet in there too because I want him to know that he’s doing a great job. The gum pack is his favorite kind that I introduced him to and now the wrappers all over my car. Last but not least I decided to put the schedule of all the upcoming Dirtbag games so that we can plan some baseball days in our busy schedules. The only mail this kid gets is his report card so I’m really excited to hear about it.

Although this project required me to dump out my room and look for my memories , I thought it was a really fun experience to look back at all the things I’ve done with my brother.