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Picture from her Instagram.

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Within Us

Media: Illustration, Kinetic Sculpture, Interactive art

Gallery: Max L. Gatov  – East


Instagram: @yeriyeti

Yeri Hwang was a delight to talk to. She is a studio art major working to finish her BFA degree here at CSULB. Originally she wanted to animation but wanted to broaden her horizon. She enjoys graphic design as well and loves making her art interactive! Currently she does not know whether she wants to go to graduate school or pursue a career.

Year Hwang’s art exhibit was by far my favorite. Her inspiration came from her belief that art is for everyone not just artsy people. She made her art interactive so that everyone could be apart of her message and everyone could interpret it in their own way. We all have a different perception of life and this was a big piece of why her exhibit was interactive. We are all writing our own story.

Her piece “Destination and Mystery” read  “We are in a constant search, for somewhere to be, something to do, someone to become. We progress our story for our unknown destination where master awaits”. After talking with her about this piece she explained that there is a reason why the house is on a cliff through the fog. Your destination gets farther as you take your journey into the world. Sometimes life happens that can blur the track towards your overall goal, hence the fog.

All in all I really enjoyed her exhibit because despite of all the meaning in her art , there was room for her audience to interpret their own perspective. From the light up sword that allows you to take control of your own life to the fetus that embodies your name, her exhibit really impressed me and made me want to learn more about her.