This week’s activity was a little confusing for me. First of all, Im not good at drawing. Artistically challenged remember? I chose to do this activity with my little brother since he was available and to be honest, he’s pretty cool. At first we were both laughing so hard we broke the oil crayons. Between clumsy and silly , this project was doomed for a disaster. I chose to do fun vibrant colors because 1. they look pretty and 2. the relationship between my brother and I is fun , loud, and well for lack of better words, VIBRANT! I think we had too much fun trying to take control over the crayon which is why my drawing looks like a 3 year old drew it.After we finished I added my name to my drawing but then things got crazier. We ended up doing one for my brother too and THAT one came out cooler in my opinion. I honestly don’t know if we were holding the crayon correctly or what but at the end we both felt like Picasso and thats all that matters. Until next time oil crayons!