Artist: Elena Roznovan

Exhibition: Stop & Stare

Media: Dirt, Window, and Screens

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gastov Gallery

Instagram: @eroznovan

Elena Roznovan is currently a second year here at CSULb working towards her MFA in Face and Sculpture. Her inspiration was the Light & Space movement which began in the 1960’s. She was also inspired by Robert Irwin & Larry Bell. Elena enjoys this minimalistic approach to art which is why she uses different perspectives in her art. She mentioned that one of the things she would like to do after she graduates is have shows in galleries and she would like to look into living in artist colonies such as the ones Andrea Zittel creates.

A huge part of her art is the scenery. She uses space in a minimalistic way in order to incorporate different perspectives. Elena shared with us that she use the desert for her shots because of the dry air in addition to all the history that rests there. Another reason she uses spaces like the desert is because there is a lot of empty space that allows for building without restrictions. In other words the desert is like a blank canvas. She uses frames in a versatile way to create a more unique way of 2D through the window frames. The transparencies she uses

When I first walked into the exhibit, I immodestly felt more relaxed. I think it was the sunset and how the scenery was nature based so it made everything else irrelevant. The lighting Elena used also helped set the mood and changed your perspective based on your feelings.