For week seven I got to meet with Maryam! If I could describe her in one word I would say, badass. In her free time she practices jiu jitsu which I thought was pretty cool. We easily bonded over our feelings towards dresses or skirts or heels, YUCK. Unlike me, she does not commute. She is from the San Fernando Valley and lives in the dorms. She is a second year with a passion for math and a fast worker. She is currently studying towards getting her bachelors in civil engineering. She would like to work for a private company instead of the government because of the benefits that comes along when being hired by a private company.I really admired that she always knew what she wanted to do since high school. She knew what she was good at and researched it so that she could enter college with a clear goal. One of the many things we have in common was that we are both terrifies of blood and needles. We’ve both tried to donate but it’s just not our thing. I had a really great time getting to know Maryam and Im glad we met. 🙂