Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Recuerdos

Media: Mixed Media, Sculpture

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West


Instagram: @sin.llorar

Dulce Soledad Ibarra is currently a senior at CSULB studying to get her BFA in sculpture. She switched her major from drawing to sculpture and became inspired by her culture an dhow every object has a reason for existing. She is a first generation student and citizen since her family immigrated to the United States from Leon, Guanajuato. She is on the way to graduating this May and being an inspiration for the rest of her family.

Ibarra’s walk through-sculpture “Recuerdos” is made up of dolls, clothes and little knick-knacks but the most important factor is the memories that she has been inspired by. Ibarra’s family had inherited her aunt’s belongings after she passed away four years ago. Her aunt kept things like dolls, cassettes and even little party favors from Quinceaneras and baby showers. These objects were then intermixed and placed on pastel yellow bookshelves to create an open exhibit.

The exhibit itself sat in the middle of the gallery showing us a 360 degree view of memories. Although Ibarra’s aunt was labeled a hoarder, this was her coping mechanism and allowed her to feel at home. Sometimes you cant bear throwing things away because maybe you never had a lot of stuff in the beginning? Her aunt was an undocumented immigrant who had struggled her whole life. Gathering this objects might have made her feel more like she is home. Maybe her way of holding on to her childhood was by keeping her dolls close to her. I still have stuffed animals from when I was a baby because it reminds me of simpler times. The pastel yellow bookshelves prove to us that her aunt was a very upbeat person that was not just a hoarder, but a sentimental strong person who dealt with the future while having her past on her side.

I really enjoyed this display , maybe because I’m a hoarder too ? Who knows. I personally have a lot of objects in my room that most people would say “Why do you still have that/” but to me they’re not just random objects, they’re memories. I understand where Ibarra’s aunt is coming from. Sometimes you keep clothes that don’t even fit you anymore but you remember meeting someone especial while you were wearing it. Its a funny idea to think that someone can have such a different perspective on something you are very fond of.