For this week’s activity , I decided to spend it in my room Thursday night after my class. It was a perfect day to shut myself out of electricity since it was the end of my week. My plan at first was to sit down and read my murder mystery by candlelight but that quickly ended in me knocking out cold and not waking up until 3am. I would say this activity is pretty easy if you have nothing to do and if you’re really tired. I could see how it could be very inconvienant and frustrating if you had to study for an exam or finish up some homework. I feel like stepping away from electricity, specifically your phone, is really good for you. I’ve had days where I turn my phone off because I just want to be able to be with my thoughts and get my life together. I slept better since there was very few things I could do. I feel like our generation would think this is a boring project since our lives revolve around electricity but I think this is a good example of how it’s okay to put everything away and just focus on the little things.