Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Mans Land

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Media: Drawing & Painting


Alice Andreini is currently working towards earning her MFA in Drawing & Painting here at CSULB. Her goal is to become an art teacher and inspire other students to pursue their artistic dreams. Andreini was not always studying art. Before turning to painting she was studying medicine. She enjoys painting, visiting art galleries and reading poetry in her free time.

Throughout her gallery, Andreini covered the walls with huge canvas paintings. She used  oil, cold wax and impasto gel to create the different textures on her paintings. Most of her paintings are filled with all sorts of colors except for one wall which she used different shades of grey to portray a “New World”. Andreini uses different brush strokes to create a 3-dimensional approach to her art.

Andreini named her exhibit “No-Mans Land” to represent how something so beautiful like nature can become corrupt. When you look at a park , you are admiring the external beauty it gives off, however do you ever think about all the profit it makes during busy weekends when they change for parking? Do we ever think about what had to be removed to place this park here? In reality, it really is no-mans land.

When I walked through her gallery, I didn’t really understand until I talked to her. I realized that there was way more to her paintings that vibrant colors and different brush strokes. I think its amazing on how she managed to interpret all of this different meanings into her paintings.