The Japanese garden activity was one of the most peaceful activities right next to week 13. Personally I really love nature and I feel like we live such a fast paced life that we don’t really take a moment to admire whats around us. Unfortunately I had to go to the garden on a different day because I had work on the day of class however this allowed me to be alone and take a different perspective. One of the employees allowed me to feed the fish since I was sitting by the koi pond. At first I was skeptical but I got the courage up and did it. “What happened?”, you might ask. Well heres a little clip on me losing my mind as one of the koi fish sucked my finger.

​And this is why, I decided to sketch out a koi fish close to my hand. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in my life. Now I know they don’t have any teeth, but that doesn’t stop the fear of getting of my hand ripped off. The fact that I couldn’t erase was also really hard. Im not the best drawer out there so the pressure was definitely on. Now, I know my koi looks extremely mad, thats because in my mind he tried to eat my hand. Even though I was annoyed I couldn’t use an eraser (my pencil didn’t have one on purpose), I enjoyed being able to laugh at my ugly drawings and mistakes.